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We create what we wish to see in the world

At Kinemotik Studios, we harness the power of game design, architecture, music, virtual reality, and an ever-expanding list of emerging technologies, to create unforgettable and immersive experiences, all with the aim to move you physically, mentally, and emotionally towards reaching your potential and expanding your internal and external perspective on life.

We were founded by a duo in love, both with each other and the idea that we can create what we want to exist in the world.

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Movement is not just physical. Each experience we create will hopefully shift your perspective in some way.

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Humans are emotional creatures. Some emotions are pleasant, others challenging, and others… in between.
Let’s explore all of them.

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We’re on the cutting edge of technology using immersive experiences such as VR and more. We believe that technological advances have the ability to enhance our abilities in ways that counter-intuitively allow our humanity to blossom more than ever before.

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// we create what we want to see in the world


Audio Trip

the virtual reality dance game

This project began with a simple mission: to encourage VR players to explore their entire playspace with their whole body… This quickly drew upon Ashley’s lifelong dance and yoga experience and Brady’s VR game development experience. Soon they were showcasing their new project, first named “RaveRunner,” at conferences like SXSW, licensing music from world-renowned popular artists, and partnering with worldwide platforms.

Today Audio Trip has won several awards for its ability to get players around the world dancing, working out, and experiencing the music in full-body bliss.

Buy & play now in vr >>

The Dev’ing On Trail

Winner of the 2020 Bonfire Game Jam

Screenshot from game: The Dev'ing On Trail

Inspired by Spellkollektivet’s Bonfire Jam 2020 Theme: “You Can’t Do It Alone!”, Brady and Ashley created a 2-player computer game to describe, well, basically what they had been doing all year – working together to make games!

Get ready to mix Oregon Trail, the pandemic of 2020, and your best partner gamedev’ing multiplayer skills, and travel The Dev’ing On Trail.

AND… They won the Game Jam!!!

Check out the game below, and find all the participating games in the jam. There are some great ones. <3

Download & Play on PC >>

That Which Is Not Seen

Our philosophical Global Game Jam Game

Screenshot of Kinemotik's game: That Which Is Not Seen

The team participated in the annual Global Game Jam in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The 2020 theme was: “REPAIR”

Brady and Ashley worked together to create an game in under 48 hours to show what “repair” meant to them. All art assets, audio design, and gameplay mechanics in the game were 100% created and engineered by the two of them during the game jam.

Follow the link below to play, and see how you too can repair the world.

Play Online >>

Destination Titan

A Multiplayer VR Space Mission

Screenshot of Kinemotik's game: That Which Is Not Seen

This was the first game Ashley & Brady created together, at the VR Austin Game Jam 2017.

“Destination Titan” is a two-player collaborative VR game, where one must help the other navigate a pilot pod toward Titan, the moon of Saturn.

If you have two VR headsets, download and try it out! (best with Player 1 sitting in reclining chair, for the full experience)

Download & Play in VR >>

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Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper

Founder/ XR Gamedev/ Licensed Architect/ Dancer

Ashley is the founder of Kinemotik Studios. She is a licensed Architect turned Game Developer, and brings over a decade of architectural design experience at top firms to the projects the team now creates. She is also a lifelong dancer and artist. Seeking her potential and finding new media to express herself is her main focus, and is how she hopes to help others explore their potential as well.

Brady Wright

Brady Wright

Lead Engineer / XR Designer/ Tech Guru/ DJ

Brady is the lead engineer of Kinemotik Studios. As a veteran Unity developer, he leads the team into new frontiers with an emphasis on utilizing the latest technology this world has to offer. He is also a DJ and music producer.

Elli Koliniati

Elli Koliniati

Technical Game Designer

Elli is the newest addition to our team and is a most welcome help, blending a background of architectural and game development and technical game design experience to our projects and our growing studio culture.

Kelly Grigg

Kelly Grigg

Executive Assistant/ Social Media Pro/ Drummer

Kelly makes the gears at Kinemotik turn smoothly. From operations to communications to research and beyond, she is an incredible asset to our growing studio.

// we work with some awesome people



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