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You may have known OUR GAME DURING DEVELOPMENT as RaveRunner...

If you have been following our journey developing RaveRunner, thank you! As we have developed this incredible experience for over a year, the game has grown and broadened, transcending styles and genres. So we are happy to announce a new name: "AUDIO TRIP" - a bigger, better, bolder name to encompass everything this game has become! Take the trip with us as we launch TOMORROW, April 29, 2019, for International Dance Day, in arcades around the world! We'll continue developing for PC release which is scheduled for this summer, with more songs, more environments, and many more awesome features in store for all you VR dancers at home. Thanks for following, and remember, this is your Audio Trip, so dance like nobody's watching. - WITH LOVE, KINEMOTIK STUDIOS, April 28, 2019

becoming a virtual reality IN ARCADES & ON PC this SUMMER 2019